ssl issues from Cpanel 1st Sep 2021

  • Monday, 4th October, 2021
  • 23:15pm


This report contains info about SSL changes that started today 1st Oct 2021 globally.


Today LetsEncrypt root CA has expired for this versions :

Openssl (Any version) without ISRG Root x1 in trust store

Openssl 1.0.x with ISRG Root X1 in trust store

  • Also old Android and IOS versions will no longer be able to verify SSL of LetsEncrypt authority.

As we know most clients are using Old OS or Old OpenSSL versions, so this change impacts their licenses because we use secure sockets layer for connecting to our licensing servers.

as we still are supporting old OS and Openssl versions, we have changed our SSL authority.

There should be no problem connecting with SSL through our licensing servers at this moment.

if you have any question please contact support.


Solution ::

Please open your cpanel and check letsEncrypt and issue the license from thats it you done !!

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